Canticles of Dune

by MindPhaser



New album by Felix Perez, a.k.a MindPhaser. Concept and characters based on Frank Herbert's Dune saga.

Each track corresponds to impressions based on several recurring themes central to the Dune saga, such as the transformational effect of spice melange on humanness, the importance of planet Arrakis and its giants worms, the violence of the sandstorms, the raw character of the indigenous people of Dune, the commitment of the brotherhood of navigators which allows to journey through space time, the persistent and patient artificial intelligence "Omnius" and the cruel human-like robot "Erasmus", fascinated by understanding how human beings feel.

Below, some brief commentary on each track:

the most essential and valuable commodity in the universe is melange, a drug that gives the user a longer life span, greater vitality, and heightened awareness. Also, this prescience-enhancing property makes safe and accurate interstellar travel possible.

Flying over Arrakis
Arrakis, also known as Dune by its geography composed almost entirely of a desert sand dune. Arrakis is the only place where the melange, produced by the giant sand worms. Large ships to cross it calls Thopteros are used, which must resister powerful sandstorms and stay safe from worms.

Omnius is a "computer evermind" which becomes aware of itself and concludes that the human being is an irrational and inefficient one. Omnius Synchronized controls the Planets, name by which all the planets are called under the control of the computer evermind.

Hammer & Worms
The native people of Arrakis, the Fremen, use mechanical hammers that produce a low frequency sound and a constant pulsation, to distract the worms. The displacement of the worms and rubbing with sand generates a high frequency noise. This track starts with a bass line throbbing representing the hammer, the voices of the Fremen and the sound of worms when approaching until the main sequence, which alternates as a counterpoint to the electric guitar represents appears to Fremen and their struggle to survive on Arrakis.

Navigators of Space Brotherhood are humans who have suffered physical and mental mutation, consumption of melange, and have the ability to discern and understand the universe, so they are able to define what is the safest route to connect two existing points therein. They depend on the species to survive and possess extraordinary mental abilities.

Erasmus, an independent robot who seeks to understand humans completely so that the thinking machines may be truly superior. His methods of study often entail human vivisection and torture his slave.

Beyond space and time
Meditation about space and time in the Dune universe.


released November 20, 2016

I want to thank my family, especially Valentina and Sebastian, for their support and help in getting this job done. Also to friends of FB for giving me inspiration. Especially Michael Bruckner for his very good advice on one of the compositions.

Music composed, mixing and recording by Felix Perez
Artwork by artist Valentina Perez
Featuring Sebastian Perez on electric guitar



all rights reserved


MindPhaser Chile

Felix Perez (a.k.a Mindphaser) is a Chilean composer of electronic/dark ambient and progressive colours based in Santiago. He has strong influences from the Berlin school of electronic music, especially from Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream. Occasionally collaborates with his son Sebastian, an astrophysicist/guitarist who works on planet formation.
Art and illustrations: Valentina Perez
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